Fabric Applique Art

FABRIC APPLIQUE - These are a full color design art, that I apply onto a Quality Linen Textured Fabric. I hand cut the material around the design. I try to leave the material away from the design, about 1/2"-1" around the design, for you to cut by hand (or you can leave "as is") around the design to your preference. So if you want a 12" fabric applique, the print of the design will be approx. 11" design on the fabric, the fabric will be  approx. 12" x 12".

Please Note. The design, determines how I can get the best size on the fabric, some are square, rectangle or round, which determines the outcome.

The fabric resembles a fine burlap texture, and it can be used on a variety of projects. I created this for many customers, that needed a design already on fabric, ready to sewn onto a flannel shirt, pillow, quilt block, or other products. The weight is comparable to a canvas that you could stretch over a frame. The fabric is not white, it is a light brown vintage burlap looking material. (I hope the pictures will help describe)

You could iron this onto your project, but you will need to get a fabric glue, heat n bond, or you may even know of a better way to apply this fabric.

Please wash in cold or warm water for best performance.

The fabric does allow you to fray the edges if desired (it is just another option for you).

Lots of possibilities with this fabric applique, probably more than I can describe here.

If you need another design made, please check out my Digital Designs, and email with your request, and I will set up the listing.

Thank you all for your interest! Melinda


Fabric Appliqués

Decorate your Jean Jackets, Flannel Shirts, Quilts and Home Decor.

Fabric Applique Patches

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Large Sizes for back of jackets to quilts.
Decorate your Flannels
fabric patch for jean jacket
Custom Chair Upholstery
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Variety of Sizes from 3" up to 12" on Quality Linen Fabric.

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