3 Green Ball Wood Spindles. Vintage, Used, Set of 3.

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Set of 3 green painted ball shaped, Wood Spindles. There is 5 sets of 3 spindles listed. Choice options in the drop down menu will be provided with pictures. I think the ones with the trunk looking part, would be cute as a Christmas tree and the other smaller ball spindles as ornaments. Great for all you DIY’ers. They will need to be cleaned. Some of the paint is still loose, some wood has imperfections, and some paint almost all gone on others. Put a star on top and ribbon around the tree or you probably have a better idea. Put a round end screw on the ornament sizes, and use some jute to hang, or again, you probably have a unique idea yourself. Long spindles measure around 12” tall. Middle sizes are around 7”. The smaller ones are approximately 5” tall.