Pink Flowers, Stripe Design, Applique Fabric, sew On, Material, quilt,shirt, pillow

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Description - Pink Roses Floral, Stripe Design.
Please note that this listing is for a FABRIC APPLIQUE MATERIAL only.

FABRIC APPLIQUE - These are a full color design art, that I apply onto a Quality Linen Textured Fabric. I hand cut the material around the design. I try to leave the material away from the design, about 1/2"-1" around the design, for you to cut by hand (or you can leave "as is") around the design to your preference. So if you want a 12" fabric applique, the print of the design will be approx. 11" design on the fabric, the fabric will be 12" x 12".

Please Note. The design, determines how I can get the best size on the fabric, some are square, rectangle or round, which determines the outcome.

The fabric resembles a fine burlap texture, and it can be used on a variety of projects. I created this for many customers, that needed a design already on fabric, ready to sewn onto a flannel shirt, pillow, quilt block, or other products. The weight is comparable to a canvas that you could stretch over a frame. The fabric is not white, it is a light brown vintage burlap looking material. (I hope the pictures will help describe)

You could iron this onto your project, but you will need to get a fabric glue, heat n bond, or you may even know of a better way to apply this fabric.

Please wash in cold or warm water for best performance.

In the photos above, are some examples, of some designs finished on the fabric . But I must say, they are so much prettier in person than I can take a photo of them here. One example, shows how I cut around the Dilly Dallier Design, to leave some white for accent. The fabric does allow you to fray the edges if desired (it is just another option for you).

Lots of possibilities with this fabric applique, probably more than I can describe here.

If you need another design made, please check out my Etsy Shop where I sell Digital Designs that can be created into a Fabric Applique at
Brooklyn Park Co. (I am just starting the fabric applique, so many of these are not yet into the Fabric Applique Section yet, and I still create new designs, that may not yet be in this category)

If you would just like a transfer of the design. Please check out my Etsy shop for sublimation transfers at Sassy Cowgirl Co. here on Etsy too!

Fabric Size is the Actual Material approx.
Design Size will be smaller by 1/2" to 1" depending on the layout of the design and fabric size selected.

Sizing of each design will be best fitted onto the Fabric size ordered. 3, 5, 8, 10, 12 inches.

The first number is used at checkout. Size is in Inches of the fabric. The design will be smaller, and then you can apply as is or cut to your specifications.

in ( ) is some ideas or suggestions for size comparison only.

3 - 3 x 4 inches (a cap or pocket, ect)

5 - 5 x 7 inches (quilt, toddler or small project)

8 - 8 x 10 inches (quilt, large youth to small adult shirt)

10 - 10 x 12 inches (quilt, adult shirt or pillow)

12 - 12 x 12 inches (flannel shirt, denim, pillow or other project) THIS IS A RECTANGLE DESIGN, there will be a couple inches on each side of design that will be blank, if you order the 12 x 12 size, best to order the 10 x 12 inch size for this design.

If you would like a fabric applique, that I have not made a listing for yet, please let me know. I will get a listing set up for you to purchase. Thank You.

Sorry, we do not have returns on Fabric Appliques for any reason. Please email me before purchase or double check details of your order before checkout. Orders ship via USPS first class mail.

Usually, we ship out within 1-2 business days. However, USPS mail delivery schedule may have delays.

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