Sunflower Feed Sack, SUBLIMATION TRANSFER, Ready To Press, pillow, fabric, towel,

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Description - Sunflower Feed Co,, Farmhouse feed sack. Sublimation Transfer. Great for fabric prints, signs, pillow.

Please note that this listing is for a sublimation transfer sheet only.

Things needed for sublimation transfers.
1. Heat Press: that can heat up to 385-400 degrees. Press for 60 seconds.
2. Low Pressure needed. You will need to Pre-Press for 5 seconds to get the moisture out of the shirt.
3. Best used with 100% polyester material for brightest colors that will retain into the product. However, I have used these with material 60% poly. 40% Cotton. and I get a nice look, vintage look. Which many of my customers prefer.
4. Due to the nature of this being Dyed into the polyester, you need a light or white fabric. Otherwise with a dark color, it will dye into it and the design will not be seen.

It is always best to test your heat press for pressure, temperature and time to get consistent results.

Sizing of each design will be best fitted onto the paper size ordered. If round or square design, it will be the widest the paper will allow, so on a 8.5 x 11 paper, so 8" is the widest. If a rectangle design will fit close to paper size.

The first number is used at checkout.

3 - 3 x 4 - Cap/Koozie

5 - 5.5 x 7 Infant/Toddler/Towel

8 - 8.5 x 11 - Youth/Small Adult

11 - 11 x 11" Adult Large or Larger Shirt Size.

Watermarks are for the online protection of the design only. Transfers of course, will NOT have this watermark.

Sorry, we do not have returns on sublimation transfers for any reason. Please double check details of your order before checkout. Orders ship via USPS first class mail.

Usually, we ship out within 1-2 business days. However, USPS mail delivery schedule may have delays.

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